Thinking about gripping a Uganda safari in the near future? With the magnificent national parks hidden in its corners, beautiful cities, wondrous people and amazing nature, there would be no other reason why one wouldn’t love to take in everything that Uganda has to offer.

Not that Uganda is a difficulty destination to travel to, but there could be some complexity that first time visitors would encounter. If travelers need safe and smart safaris in Uganda, there are some emergency procedures, cultures and standards they need to know before travelling to the pearl of Africa.

Whether you are visiting Murchison falls national park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or any other place in Uganda, here is a few things you should know before travelling to Uganda for a safari.


Not knowing the weather to expect is one thing that could spoil your entire trip. However, Uganda’s location in the equatorial region makes it a perfect destination to travel to all year round. Uganda typically experiences two weather seasons, the rainy and dry season, however this does not imply that in the rainy season it falls all day or that in the dry season we don’t expect any rain. Uganda’s seasons are ones where rain still falls in the dry season, and it still shines brightly in the wet season.

These season have dictated the best times to travel to the country.

Most clients prefer coming to Uganda in the dry seasons of June to September and December to February. Though still travelling to Uganda in its low seasons of March to May and October to November comes with its benefits. So you can choose when to come to the pearl of Africa, the experience is equally thrilling no matter the time visited.

Attractions and Activities.

Uganda is an exceptional African destination with a whole load of attractions to see and thrilling activities to engage in. With her 10 national parks hidden in the country’s corners, 13 wildlife reserves, countless fresh water lakes and crater lakes, numerous mountains, beautiful people, and so many others, Uganda can never cease to amaze any traveler.

From white water rafting, bungee jumping, gorilla trekking, chimp tracking, canoeing, game drives, nature walks, hiking adventures, boat sails among others, have never know of a tourist who failed to get what to do while in Uganda.

Accommodation and transport.

Getting where to sleep and get excellent meals is something you shouldn’t worry about in Uganda. Different lodges, hotels, campsites and guest houses have been constructed to ensure a comfortable stay in Uganda. Though it is advisable that you book in advance at the lodge where you are to stay on your Uganda safari.

About transport, public transport is the most convenient means. People in Uganda majorly use public taxis, buses and motorcycles called “boda bodas”. However, several car hire companies have been opened up to cater for tourists. Most tourists rent vehicles to drive them around the country, these can either be self-driven or chauffeur driven, whichever you opt for.

Culture and language.

A majority of Ugandans speak English, this is the official language here, though trotters can still bump into a few who can speak French, Chinese, Italian and other languages. Other major languages here are Kiswahili; East Africa’s common language and then Luganda, Uganda’s local language.

About the culture, Uganda is a true multi-cultural country with more than 50 tribes. Each speaks a different language, has dissimilar norms and beliefs, dressing code, traditional songs and performances as well as staple food. So if Uganda, try so much to fit in the cultures, try to learn some Luganda words and be ready to taste as many different cuisines as possible.

Also take note of the currency, travel documents needed as well as the vaccinations required. Otherwise, if those are well understood, a Uganda safari would turn out to be your dream trip in Africa.

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