A UNESCO world heritage site harboring almost three quarters of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas is a renowned destination dubbed Virunga national park.

Covering Congo’s part of the of the Virunga conservation area that is shared by three African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo, Virunga national park is Africa’s oldest national park established in 1925.

Virunga national park covers a geographical landscape of about 7800 square kilometers of dense forest jungle, extensive savannah, lava plains, active volcanoes, erosion valleys and the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon, all sighted on a Congo safari.

Thinking of visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo, may be for the mountain or lowland gorillas, hiking the famous volcanoes or perhaps the culture, whichever the reason is, Virunga national park is the ultimate destination for you, offering you with various attractions to behold as well as thrilling activities to engage in.

Mountain gorilla trekking. Virunga is a proud home of mountain gorillas, almost three quarters of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas call Virunga a comfortable home. The fact that only three African countries in the whole world support gorilla trekking, Congo is one of the countries that tourists hit for this awesome lifetime experience.

Besides, due to the country’s insecurities, not so many trekkers have been to Virunga, it is still a virgin a park carpeted green with the beautiful lush offering the most authentic gorilla trekking experiences in Africa.

Trekking the gorillas in Virunga involves tourists walking through the thick forest, on slippery trails, paving your way out in the thick lush and dodging thorny trees with your arms or hand stick. On meeting these mighty apes, spend an hour watching them feed, play with each other, carrying on their normal lives and taking as many pictures as you want provided the camera doesn’t have a flash.

Lowland gorilla trekking. This less the same as mountain gorilla trekking. With almost the same procedure, lowland gorilla trekkers walk through the lowland valleys of the Virunga massif searching out for these impressive apes.

Unlike the mountain gorillas, these are not endangered, probably that is why they have not attracted many tourists, but the experience of lowland gorilla trekking in Virunga national park is also worthy it on any trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mountain Nyiragongo. This an active stratovolcano elevating to approximately 3,470 metres and located just inside the Park. Trek to the top of Nyiragongo Mountain to come across the world’s largest crater that cut into the side of the volcano. This remains as the evident scars of Nyiragongo’s most recent act of destruction that erupted down to the people who live in its footsteps.

The genesis of dark hours, viewing the dim brittle outside of the lava, the merging and cracking lava rocks, seeing rock plates separate, unbelievably creating a spider-web like pattern is only experienced by those that get a chance to stay for an overnight at Nyiragongo Cabins which were built on the edge of the lava lake.

Still in Virunga national park, tourists can engage in bird watching since the park harbors more than 700 bird species. Even primate lovers can also do chimp tracking in the park.

Surely if it’s an adventurous safari in Africa, DR Congo is one destination that is worth every single trip on the African continent. For accommodation, it’s something that you shouldn’t worry about, you can never fail to get where to sleep or get excellent food in or around Virunga national park.