The happiest moments for travelers come when they stumble upon one thing while in the pursuit of something else. Such moments come while on a Uganda safari offering you the best wildlife encounters in the world. From birds, the big five wild animals and now the most adorable and fascinating endangered mountain gorillas, you cannot fail to see a thing in Uganda.

Perhaps you have been to Africa for a wildlife safari, hiking tour, cultural trip or maybe a culinary trip in the pearl of Africa. Gorilla trekking in another reason to get you book your airticket to Uganda for this life time experience.

Unfortunately, trekking the gorillas being such an outstanding tourism activity, it is dine in only four national parks in the world. Virunga and volcanoes national parks in DR Congo and Rwanda respectively, and then Uganda’s Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable national park. Obviously with Bwindi the best gorilla destination in Africa.

Located in the south western part of Uganda, next to the Virunga national park and to the edge of Albertine rift is Bwindi impenetrable national Park. A true jungle and a home to over 700 mountain gorillas translating to almost three quarters of the world’s total population of endangered mountain Gorillas.

The impenetrable national park was gazetted in 1942 and transformed into a national park in 1992, then recognized as a world Heritage site in 1994. The word Bwindi locally means Impenetrable while using the native language. This wonderful  destination has 14 habituated mountain gorilla groups open for tourism in its four different sectors of Ruhijja, Russhaga, Buhoma and Nkuringo,  all managed by Uganda Wildlife authority. While in your Trek, you will be amazed to encounter different but amazing experiences in all this sectors

Gorilla Trekking may sound so difficult and strange by words but it’s actually a very simple, educative and entertaining activity to tourists who long for it. Trekking the gorillas involves walking through the slippery trails in the impenetrable forest, to sounds of bird rhythms. At times trekkers have to pave their way out with their bare arms or a hand stick, but the whole experience is simply thrilling.

Only eight trekkers are permitted trek a gorilla family per day, and this activity roughly takes 6-8 hours to find the different family allocated to you. On meeting the gorillas, trekkers spend one magical hour with the gorillas, watching them carry on their normal lives and taking as many pictures as they want. However, be informed that in case of flue, cough or any illness that the gorillas can contract, you will not be given that chance to move near them.

All you need for a success full trekking is a good camera to take memorable photos from. But though, taking one photo with a gorilla Playing pays you off. Carry also a good hiking stock, safari boots, walking stick, binoculars, insect repellant, jacket, a light weight and a water proof safari clothes.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park can be done all year round depending on your schedule, but the best time is from June to September then December to February.

The trekking permits are sold depending on the season. However, the standard cost is USD$600 during the peak season. You can get this permits from Uganda wildlife Authority offices or from a tour operator who will process for you one at ease because only those with the possession of the permits are allowed at the park.

Don’t worry about the accommodation. Bwindi National park has accommodations ranging from Budget, midrange to Luxury, you cannot fail to get where to sleep and have excellent food.

Firmly saying that gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is one must do while on a Uganda safari.