Located in the southwestern part of Uganda at the edge of the rift valley lies Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, one of the best destinations for gorilla safaris in Africa. The park possesses most of the biologically diverse rainforest with over 400 plant species.

Though well known as a home for almost three quarters of the world’s total gorilla population, there are so many other activities to do while in the park besides gorilla trekking.

Having trekked the gorillas, walked through the thick jungles, in the slippery trails without support except from the tree branches and the hand stick. The next question by tourists is what next, what can trekkers do after gorilla trekking?

The Batwa cultural encounter. Probably this is the second major attraction in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. If not the gorillas, then most travelers visit the park for the Batwa ancient people. This cultural encounter takes you through the normal daily lives of these forest people. See how they used to hunt and gather fruits in the forest. Enjoy the traditional performances as well as tasting the local cuisines. It is an awesome experience that is life changing.

Birding. With over 350 bird species and 14 recorded nowhere else except here, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is one of the destinations offering the best birding experiences in Africa. It has unique spots for bird watching like the Mubwindi swamp trail, Bamboo zone and in the Waterfall trail in Buhoma sector. Birds in Bwindi include migrant species and 23 species endemic to the Albertine rift such as Rwenzori Nightjar, the African wood owl, green broadbill among others. If you are a bird lover, don’t hesitate to bird Bwindi.

Nature / Forest walk. This is one activity that makes travelers peaceful and calm, by letting the modern mind have an opportunity to relax and rest and keep away from depression. A nature walk is a gentle exercise that saves you from the work stress. Forest walks in Bwindi furnish amazing views of the surrounding, taking you very close to even the closest insights of nature. These trials include Buhoma community trial, Munyanga river trial, Muzabajiro trial, Rushura hill trial, Bamboo trail and River Ivi trail. All these trails expose travelers to new experiences that are simply for a life time.

Lake Bunyonyi. Having trekked the gorillas, the trekkers can still visit Lake Bunyonyi, Africa’s second deepest lake after Lake Tanganyika. This beautiful lake has over 25 small islands including the punishment island where young girls who got pregnant before marriage were isolated from. Canoeing to these islands offers spectacular views of the islands as well as the green lush that carpeted the surrounding environment.

Even if Bwindi impenetrable national park doesn’t have a lot of activities like Murchison falls national park or Queen Elizabeth national park, even just relaxing at the lodge with the view of the forest can be breath taking.

If it’s a gorilla safari in Uganda, particularly to Bwindi, give yourself some flexible time to try out other tourism activities apart from gorilla trekking.

Or if you have been to Bwindi impenetrable national park, but only tried out gorilla trekking, its igh time you booked that Uganda ticket again for more thrilling activities in the park.