Uganda dubbed as the pearl of Africa is proud of having a lot to show to all its visitors, from all over the world. A part from Rwanda, Uganda is the other country where golden monkeys can be found. These primates are harbored in the smallest national in the called Mgahinga national park. The golden monkeys co-exist with their counterpart the mountain gorillas.

Mgahinga National Park is found in the Virunga ranges, southwestern part of Uganda and was created in 1991 covering 33.9sq km. It is Accessible both by air from Entebbe international Airport and by road using the Kisoro route. On your arrival. The park welcomes every one for an exceptional Golden Monkey Trek.

The Golden Monkey may not be the most well-known primate, but is certainly an enjoyable, little creature that is worth visiting. They are small curious monkeys, golden in color and love to scamper around the trees.


Golden Monkeys are unique to the Virunga mountain range which covers Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are some of the most beautiful monkeys species, most especially because of their striking golden fur coats, thus the name ‘Golden’ Monkeys. They enjoy staying in large groups called troops, and live the lower areas of the mountains which are largely covered with bamboo forest. These monkeys love feeding on the bamboo shoot.

Of recent only troop of the Golden Monkeys has been habituated in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which is open for tracking and research purposes. Basing on Uganda’s wildlife tariffs, a golden Monkey tracking permit costs USD$50. This experience kick starts off with a briefing session by the rangers at the park offices at 7.30am and then the trek at 8.00am.The rangers go early before the trekking activity starts then send back signals to the guides after finding the monkey wherever they are in.


Golden Monkeys spend most of the time in the bamboo nearer to the base. The monkeys move in hundreds, spending most of the time in the bamboo canopy getting  the shoot from the tops ad after come down. These monkeys are photogenic and not shy to move within a small distance to human. You search for them in stay there for not more than one hour.



Rangers start tracking the monkeys early in the morning and inform guides of their location. Unlike Mountain gorillas, golden monkeys move fast, so it can take some time to find them. This monkey’s jump from one branch to another, eating Bamboo shoot and enjoying hide and seek game


Unlike gorilla trekking permits, Golden monkey trekking permits at mgahinga national park costs USD$50 per person and can be got on ground since there is no specific number of people needed. However, in case you would like to stay with the primates for a longer time, one can instead book for a golden monkey experience permit.

Ensure that you are in possession of; a  water resistant hiking boots, hiking  t-shirts/pants, fleece, waterproof pants, waterproof jacket, camel backpack, 1 small backpack, parked lunch sunscreen as well as a pole if you can.

Golden monkey Trekking experience is the most memorable and very great.  Besides these, there are several adventure activities available in the area, the major one being the Mountain Gorilla trekking, cultural encounter with the Batwa pygmies staying in the forest. Other activities include volcano hiking, birding, and nature walks among others.

The accommodation facility in the park range from budget to luxury and they include clouds mountain Gorilla lodge, Nkuringo safari lodge, and Mt. Mgahinga Rest camp among others.

The wilderness has a lot for everyone one everywhere, just approach it without doubts and your expectation will be met. it In Mgahinga Gorilla national park that the real experience is found. Don’t hesitate to come and encounter the best.