As the pearl of Africa, it’s not news that Uganda has incredibly various offerings for travelers. From gorilla tours, chimp tours, wildlife safaris, adventure trips, culinary safaris to cultural tours and many others, Uganda’s tourism is vast, unspoiled and inspiring.

Traveling to Uganda includes having face to face encounters with nature, engaging in fine dining, attending fascinating cultural events; one can say indulging in a little bit of everything, from adventurous outdoor experiences to strolling around charming neighborhoods.

Uganda being one of the African poorest countries doesn’t have to make travelers rough it in a tent just to fit in the environment. Luxury safaris in Uganda give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful wilderness while leaning back in a comfy chair with a glass of wine. It’s the best experience you can ever get.

Even if the fares for the activities and entrance fees are always standard, whether luxury, midrange or budget, there is always a way to upgrade your trip to a luxurious one. Say all tourists would trek the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park at the same price of 600 USD, but the difference is in the comfort of the vehicle that brought you to the park and the lodge tourists relax from.

Majorly luxury trips in Uganda are made by the type of accommodation you use and the modes of transport to the different destinations.

When it comes to accommodation in Uganda, this is one thing that shouldn’t worry you. Have never known of a tourist who failed to get where to have excellent food and a perfect bedding, long gone are the days of hustling to get a good hotel in Uganda.

With almost countless lodges, cottages, campsites, bandas, hotels and guesthouses in every national park in Uganda, ranging from super budget, midrange to high end luxury, the country simply has everything for everyone. The only difference is the kind of lodge you book.

Nothing is more relaxing than knowing that after a long day of gorilla trekking, after all the cursing, hustling and challenging walks in the slippery trails, you will lie in an incredibly comfy bed in the evening. Getting off the forest to an ambience where luxury commands undisrupted views of the magnificent scenery of the park is the best safari feeling ever.

Another aspect of a trip that makes a Uganda safari luxury is transport. Unlike all other travels to Uganda’s national park by road, luxurious tourists opt for domestic flights to save themselves from the long hours of drive. This doesn’t mean that the jets drop them off in the national parks, but rather they reduce the driving hours, something that a midrange or budget wouldn’t opt for.

The fact that even domestic flight clients are very rare, the flights become so comfortable. For lucky tourists find themselves the only ones on board for that day.

Even if its not a flight, still the cars that luxury travelers are different. A long journey on a bumpy road would feel so short and fine in a wild beast range rover, one with rear and comfortable seats.

A game drive in Kidepo valley national park is the game viewing experience you will ever have in Uganda, but wouldn’t it be more memorable when in a Land rover, with a popup roof, allowing you have clearer sights of the wilderness. Spotting the lions, cheetahs, elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, waterbucks, giraffes, zebras and many others in a more comfortable way, away from the confines of the vehicle glasses and mirrors.

At any time, when a Uganda safari hits your bucket list, consider a luxury trip, one that will give you all the comfort and enjoy the adventure that the country has to offer in a more homely environment.





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