The Hippo

Perfectly evolved to a semi aquatic life, the Hippo ( with eyes, ears and Nostrils situated at the top of it’s head to give it a clear Peripheral view, perfect hearing and acute sense of smell ) regards water bodies as it’s home! It will run to water ( never make a mistake to stand btn water and a hippo) and most of all will aggressively defend that turf no matter what). Scientists reveal that even it’s lungs are growing a thinker mucus membrane which is reminiscent of aquatic animal lungs eg Dolphins ( this mucus layer is meant to withstand slightly larger amounts of *Lactic acid* produced as the animal takes more and more time under water with out expelling carbondioxide as harmful gas! This animal’s evolution cycle has been hastened ( it’s becoming a water animal much faster than anticipated😳

Average time spent before breeching is 5 to 6 minutes ( but it’s incredibly increasing it’s ability to stay longer), stays in water for 16 hrs a day ( before heading out at down to graze leaving pheromone infested pupu sprays along it’s trail for easy recognition of it’s trail back to the water- this explains why they use permanent trails guys), mates in water, births are under water, suckling is under water ( baby hippos can stay under for up to a minute) and by the way🙄 hippos have pink milk ( just like *straw berry flavoured yogurt*😋😋)