Did you know that in everything we do we to follow a given set of ethical code of conduct? This does not stop in only offices and organizations; it even applies to the wilderness

Trekking Gorillas is very enjoyable and exciting only if the listed things are critically followed. Probably now you are wondering what gorilla trekking is? This is one of the most exclusive tourism activities in Africa that involves trekking in the wild just in search of these beautiful apes.

Unfortunately, the endangered mountain gorillas are only found in three African countries of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. The total population of these amazing apes is about 1000 in all these destinations. Surprisingly, with just USD 400, a traveler gets a chance to buy a gorilla permit in Democratic Republic of Congo, USD 600 in Uganda and with USD 1500 in Rwanda.

The fact that these stunning creatures in the forest are so endangered, there are some guidelines that have been set up to conserve the mighty apes of the forest. These are aimed at conserving them for even the future generations. So in any case, feel free and at peace to follow them.

  1. Humans have to spend strictly one hour with these creatures in the wild. The basic reason is that all mammals enjoy being alone, another thing is that a number of this creatures are cowards and so there privacy should be granted to them.
  2. Eight Meter distance should be given to the gorillas because they can easily contract human diseases, and so if you go close to them, it will affect them hence becoming a threat to the next gorilla Trekkers. For trekkers with any forms of illness like flu, cough, diarrhea and other sicknesses are strictly not allowed to visit the apes.
  3. It is also ethical that while with the gorillas, tourists have not to take photos with flashlights. This is because this light frightens them. This animals are in the wild and enjoy their own privacy without disruptions. Their happiness is truly disorganized when the lights strict their eyes that they might even run away.
  4. No facing Gorillas direct in their eyes. They perceive it as a challenge and will at times attack you. So just don’t over concentrate at them, let them take full control of their territory
  5. There is one secret all gorilla trekkers should know, Gorillas are not harmful, and they are as friendly as human beings as long as respected. When it charges at you, just face down as a sign of respect for it and it will be calm. Prove to it that you accept defeat.
  6. Attending the Briefing session before the trekking activity commences is a must. The rangers always take the trekkers through the dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking, how to approach and stay with the gorillas in the short period of time. Travelers ought to give the rangers all the necessary respect required.
  7. Only a maximum of eight tourists are allowed to trek a gorilla family per day. This is because the animals hate noise yet many people will definitely make noises that irritate the animals. Besides this, many people will affect the forest by creating new paths using their feet. Remember that these animals respond a lot to anything that affect them.

With these guidelines followed, we can never hear of incidences of gorilla charges. If only all trekkers followed what the local rangers say, every tourist would have a successful trek.

You want that lifetime gorilla trekking experience that you have heard and read about by the world’s greatest travelers, on any gorilla safari in Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo, just follow the simple above guidelines.